Ignite Your Light ~ Spiritual Glow Up Program

Welcome to the Ignite Your Light 16 Week Program

It’s time for you to Heal, Thrive, and Absolutely Love Life! ♡

✧ I can’t wait to connect with you, Sweet Soul!

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Ignite Your Light - DISCOVERY CALL

Apply to Learn More about the Ignite Your Light Program + see if it is the program you need! ♡

Before our call, please make sure you have read through www.ireneaura.com/IgniteYourLight5DProgram entirely + have seen the Weekly Syllabus Outline, which can be found here: https://www.ireneaura.com/_files/ugd/2fa80d_3f0a2768a2474254a2e4bf8d0daafbcd.pdf

✧ This step must be completed before our call. Thank you! :)

Duration: 15 minutes

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